High speed Internet access for your business

Good news! According to our records NBN services may now be available to your business premises. To check, click HERE.

High speed Internet access can deliver dramatic benefits to your business operations.

Cloud Computing

The benefits from Cloud Computing are only fully realized with high speed Internet access in place.

Deploy new services and applications, and mobilize your information and applications, and streamline your I.T. in the process.

Cloud Telephony

High speed Internet access at your office opens up a world of next generation telephony services.

Cloud Telephony can simplify your communications, mobilize your workforce, and reduce your costs.

We would like to assist you by confirming the exact services that are available to your office.

We can check your business address against the current information of NBN Co., and other carriers, and then advise you of the exact services that are available.

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RODIN Business Solutions

We provide managed services and expert IT support designed to maximise the efficiency of your operations. We provide support to businesses throughout Australia, with a focus on the needs of small to medium businesses (with 20 to 500 staff).

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