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What you need to know about the impending shut down of the old telecommunications network.

When will the copper network be shut down in my area?

If you are in an area where the existing network will be switched off, NBN will notify you by direct mail that the new network is ready and advise the date on which the old network will be switched off. Or you can check your address here. Generally speaking we have been seeing an 18 month lead time from when the NBN is active in an area until the old copper network is shut down.

Services to business premises, including ISDN and some other types of data services, are not being shut down.


Will my phones, Internet, B2B alarm and other devices work on the NBN?

The NBN network can support many existing back-to-base security and fire alarms, as well as many telephone systems. You should speak to your device or service provider about what to consider when moving to an NBN phone service.


How much does it cost to Connect to the NBN?

A standard installation of NBN equipment is currently free of charge and there is a range of plans available from a number of providers so you’re sure to find one that works for you. Remember to ask your preferred provider if they will charge any other fees. Wiring changes beyond the installation of the NBN connection box aren’t included in the free standard installation but will be necessary if you want more than one phone socket in your office over the NBN network.

Will my phones and Internet really stop working if I don’t connect to the NBN?

Yes. We recommend you move affected services now to avoid switch-off. If your service is switched off, you’ll possibly have a short ‘last chance’ window to place an order and have your existing service restored while you wait for your NBN plan to be connected. However this is not guaranteed.


Is the switch over to the NBN automatic?

The move to the NBN is not automatic and may take some planning and coordination. Businesses in NBN active areas need to move their landline phone, ADSL internet and Telstra cable internet services over to the NBN – if they wish to continue using them after the copper network shut down.

We would like to assist you by confirming the exact services that are available to your office.

We can check your business address against the current information of NBN Co., and other carriers, and then advise you of the exact services that are available.

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