We prefer to avoid disasters, rather than recover from them, and so we design and manage systems that are able to operate despite foreseeable failure.

Of course, not every failure can be foreseen or avoided, and every business needs to prepare for the worst, so we offer solutions to protect your business from the unexpected.

Our focus is on solutions that prevent problems, and that allow your business to operate even when an issue occurs with your systems.

We protect your business systems from failure in many ways

  • We continuously monitor alerts and reports of new threats and risks. If a new problem is looming, we let you know and advise you of any steps you should take.
  • We are experienced and support many different businesses in many different industries. If a failure has occurred we apply the experience gained to the benefit of our customers.
  • We provide experienced and effective support service at any time of the day or night. If an issue is detected or a failure occurs at 2AM, we don’t wait until business hours to address it.
  • We hold emergency spare equipment that we provide to our customers to minimise the impact of an equipment failure. If something fails, we don’t wait for the vendor to complete a repair.

Our view is that protecting our customers from downtime or information loss is our number one priority, and we continuously seek new ways to improve the way we deliver resilient systems and services to our customers.

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