Monitoring services

RODIN has developed an IT system monitoring service designed to meet the needs of the small to medium enterprise. We take responsibility for the reliability of your systems by continuously checking that they are operating efficiently, and by responding when an issue is detected. Our systems are able to monitor virtually any system or process, and we are able to tailor the service to meet your specific needs.

Our system monitoring is a proactive solution which allows our IT support technicians to identify and resolve any issues before they become much bigger and costly problems.

The four core elements of our monitoring service are

  • Live Alerts – we configure your systems to send alerts to our helpdesk whenever a significant event takes place. In most instances the issue can be resolved remotely, and with no impact to system reliability or performance.
  • System Status – a daily report is sent by your server, detailing the status of the system. The key operational parameters of the system are checked by a network engineer, with appropriate action taken when an issue is noted.
  • System Trends – the changes in your system parameters over time are tracked, using the statistical information contained in the daily reports. Trends, such as a decline in system performance or free capacity over time, are easily identified and actioned.
  • Critical Process Check – the key system processes of your IT systems, including the operation of your backup procedures, are checked by a network engineer and corrective action taken if required.

RODIN’s IT monitoring services gives you peace of mind knowing that your business systems are in the hands of highly skilled helpdesk support technicians.

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