Helpdesk services

A key component of our IT support services and Managed Business Services offering is a 24/7 help desk service to provide our customers with around the clock access to IT support when they need it. Our approach is to provide assistance in the most efficient way we can, and to us that means providing direct access to skilled technical staff, not a receptionist.

Our customers can call on our helpdesk for issues ranging from relatively minor problems with PCs and software applications to complex networking or hardware issues. Having access to our help desk support service has many benefits for your business.

The benefits of our helpdesk services include

  • Having highly skilled and experienced IT support technicians available 24/7, 365 days a year.
  • Dealing with a team of IT professionals with comprehensive experience in a complete range of hardware, software and networking issues.
  • Gaining direct access to technical staff – a single phone call or email to our support team is the first step to having your issue resolved.
  • Receiving complete transparency and documentation of all work performed.
  • Availability of comprehensive real-time tracking of work being carried out on your systems.

Our IT support technicians are knowledgeable in supporting the common software packages used in many different industries and also supporting custom software used by our customers.  We are dedicated to ongoing skills development and staff retention to maintain a consistently high standard of service delivery.

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