Our relocation services change what is often a painful and unrewarding process into a professionally managed process that can also integrate significant improvements to your systems.

For many businesses, the decision to relocate is aligned with an opportunity to implement changes, and it is also a very cost efficient time to consider system upgrades, and so we often recommend that changes be made as part of the relocation process.

We advise all of our customers to let us confirm the availability and cost of communication services at locations they are considering before they commit. In some cases the cost of service can be far higher at a new location.

Our approach to relocations is defined by forward planning – we aim to have your new location ready for occupation well before your actual move, and in many cases we recommend that you relocate in stages.

Some of the key measures we always arrange during relocation projects

  • Planning and project management services to ensure nothing is left to chance.
  • Coordination of your preferred contractors on your behalf.
  • Pre-move backups of your systems to duplicate the backup systems already in place for added protection.

Some of the improvements we often recommend at the time of relocation include

  • Upgrade your communications – deploy IP telephony, onsite or in the cloud, and enjoy improved facilities and lower costs.
  • Refresh your fleet – update equipment that has reached the end of it’s planned service life and enjoy improved performance and functionality.
  • Unplug – deploy business-grade wireless networking to enable mobility within the office and to reduce the cost of your fit-out project.
  • Right-size your server systems – consider reducing, or increasing, your server and storage systems at the time of your move to avoid the cost of arranging those changes at other times.

Our relocation services transform a normally stressful and disruptive process into a professionally planned and executed project that will typically deliver improvements to your business systems.

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