Businesses are presented with many challenges in procuring IT or printing equipment. Part of the challenges include financial considerations and the timing of fleet replacement, however there are substantial benefits for improving the selection and ongoing maintenance of the fleet to maximise IT and office equipment service life.

We are experts in the selection, commissioning and ongoing maintenance of IT and printing equipment. We are able to improve the quality of fleet management for our customers whilst improving performance and reliability as well as reducing costs.

We are able to assist you to better manage your fleet by

  • Understanding your immediate and ongoing needs
  • Specifying equipment to best meet your needs
  • Negotiating competitive pricing and financing arrangements
  • Arranging a controlled deployment process
  • Providing system administration services to minimise problems
  • Maintaining your fleet through preventative maintenance services
  • Decommissioning and services to protect your confidential information

As part of a complete solution for our clients, we offer assistance with the financing of your IT investments. Our finance options allow you to spread the cost of your IT systems over the useful life of those systems, and under terms that provide you with the choice of ownership at the end of term.

Some of the advantages of financing your IT investments are:

Improve cash-flow

A low monthly payment can cover the cost of equipment rental or leasing, as well as other services that you may wish to bundle into a consolidated purchase.

Keep your technology current

Enjoy the benefits of new technology, warranty coverage and a comprehensive planned deployment now, but pay over the life of the system.

Taxation benefits

Depending on the type of finance you may choose, there can be taxation benefits where the monthly payments may be partially or wholly tax deductible. It is important that any financing decisions be discussed with your accountant.

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