Document Management

We have selected a suite of products and services that together provide a comprehensive document management solution. Maximise the efficiency of your business by reducing the handling of paper, and reduce costs by eliminating unnecessary printing and copying. Our focus is on solutions that integrate information into existing systems, and we have yet to find a customer whose systems we could not improve, including those who were previously using a managed services provider.

Our document management services are tailored to the needs of our customers. 

Some of the key technologies we use are

  • Microsoft SharePoint – whether onsite or in the cloud, SharePoint sets the standard for flexible business information management and control. 
  • Kofax Express – intelligent document recognition, routing, and filing, with automated capture of metadata and integration into existing platforms. 
  • Kodak Document Scanners – robust and accurate conversion of paper documents into digital files, with a range of devices to suit your needs and budget. 
  • Integration – leverage your existing applications and systems by integrating document management into your processes.

There are many benefits to our document management solution including

  • Greatly reduced storage space of paper based files.
  • Increased staff productivity and reduced time in searching for physical folders and files.
  • Increased customer service and response times to queries as customer information can be accessed immediately.
  • A significant reduction in photocopying, faxing and courier/mail document transport as everybody refers to an electronic copy of the document.
  • Better control of the security, monitoring and flow of information.

Our document management services deliver real value to your business, with minimal capital outlay.

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