Cloud Suite

The array of cloud services available today presents a bewildering number of options, and therefore choices, to business customers.

  • Would Google Apps be a good solution?
  • What about Microsoft Office 365?
  • Can I move all of my server functions to “the cloud”?
  • What about my main software applications which run from my server now?

To provide our customers with comprehensive solutions, without the complexity, we have created an integrated suite of cloud services available to you under a simple pricing model based on the total number of staff in your business.

Our Cloud Suite includes a combination of equipment, software and services, neatly integrated and delivered to you under a simple monthly fee per staff member.

As your business grows in size your need for additional storage space and computing resources increases, and so our plans provide for an increase in server and backup facilities starting with one server system included with the 5 – 10 Staff plan and ending with four server systems with the 51 – 100 Plan.

All plans include the following features –

A comprehensive support plan that allows you to relax and get on with business. We provide –

  • 24/7 System Monitoring
  • Unlimited Technical Support
  • Unlimited System Administration
  • Annual System Audit
  • Annual System Checkup

A range of integrated cloud services that we configure and manage for you, including –

  • Microsoft Office 365 Business Premium Plan for all staff, providing
    • Microsoft Office Apps you can use on your PC’s, notebooks, tablets and the web
    • Exchange Online hosted email provided by Microsoft
    • SharePoint Online for your collaboration and document management needs
    • Skype For Business Online to keep your team in touch with each other
  • RODIN Domain Name Hosting to protect your Internet identity
  • RODIN Website Hosting Plan to present your website to the world
  • Sophos Endpoint to ensure all of your systems are safe and secure
  • Sophos Mobile Control to properly manage your mobile devices
  • Sophos Web Security to monitor and control Internet use within your business

Onsite server facilities to ensure that your line of business applications and data are supported, including –

  • A powerful IBM System X server system.
  • Virtual server systems to provide high speed access to data within the office and local control of your core information and applications.
  • ShadowProtect backup license to provide a snapshot backup of your servers for rapid recovery when you need it.

Note, the specification and quantity of the included onsite facilities vary with the plan you choose.

We provide a tailored and responsive service to ensure that Cloud Suite is configured and deployed to suit your business needs and functions. We work with you to migrate your emails and Internet domain name, as required, and we help you to migrate your data and applications so that they are properly managed and supported.

While Cloud Suite does include a comprehensive range of services it does not include everything that could conceivably be required in a business environment. As a general principle if something is not listed as being included it is excluded, but a specific list of things that are explicitly excluded is provided below

All plans exclude:

  • Networking equipment (switches, routers, wireless access systems)
  • Computer systems (desktops, notebooks, accessories)
  • Licenses or rights to use anything not stated as being included
  • Internet access services and usage
  • Services outside the scope of our Managed Services agreement

Pricing plans start from (fee per month per user) –

Our Cloud Suite provides a comprehensive range of service and inclusions, and is ideally suited to new businesses or businesses seeking to update or transform their IT systems. Contact us today to discuss how our cloud services can improve your business operations.

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