Cloud Collaboration

The use of cloud computing for collaboration is perhaps the most powerful and useful example of how the cloud can deliver real business benefits to small and medium businesses.

Breaking away from traditional telephony, with disparate systems for communicating inside and outside the office, allows workers to communicate more efficiently, and to share information in more productive ways.

We design and deploy cloud collaboration services that can replace the traditional telephone system, and provide next generation features such as video calls and conferencing, live chat for internal business discussions, and real time collaboration including presentations and screen sharing.



We offer two core cloud collaborations solutions, which are often deployed together.

Skype for Business (Lync)

Microsoft Lync is a proven communications platform suitable for businesses of all sizes. We offer Lync to our clients as a hosted service, and as an on-premises solution.

In 2015 Microsoft is bringing the Skype and Lync brands together and Lync will be known as Skype for Business.



We offer CloudPBX as a complete replacement for the traditional telephone system.

With CloudPBX there is no longer any need to purchase and maintain expensive telephony equipment located at your office. Instead, CloudPBX is hosted for you, providing the same call quality and advanced features of a powerful telephone system.


Whether you are looking to reduce monthly expenses, streamline your communications, or improve the mobility of your workers, CloudPBX can provide a powerful and cost-effective solution.

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