The availability of high speed data connectivity and low storage costs have made the offsite storage of backup copies of information a viable option for some time now, but in many cases with some significant weakness.

Long recovery time – In some cases a customer using offsite backup storage would discover that if they ever needed to recover their system as a whole it would take several days, or even a week, to download or obtain a copy of that information, which renders the service practically useless.

Privacy – In other cases, customers found that their precious information was being stored overseas, in locations with different laws and practices, and this often caused them to breach Australian privacy laws in the process.

We are proud to offer our offsite backup storage service, RODIN Vault, as a solution that provides a powerful and affordable alternative, without the weaknesses.

We recommend RODIN Vault as a solution to supplement onsite backup storage and provide a recovery option in the event of a disaster that affects your office location.

We don’t believe that offsite backup storage should replace all other forms of backup storage. In fact, we recommend that you maintain your onsite backup storage systems so that if you need to restore your information at any time you can do so immediately, and without any reliance on an external connection or service. Typically, RODIN Vault is deployed to replace arrangements where removable tapes or drives are rotated and stored each day.

RODIN Vault is a powerful and simple solution that allows you to replicate snapshot copies of your systems to an offsite location, and to recover that information (quickly, in the event of an emergency!).


  • It is powerful, but simple– We are able to configure and manage it for you so that at all times you can be sure that your offsite backups are safely stored, and available to you should you need them.
  • Affordable, with no hidden costs – The service has an extremely simple cost structure – you pay for the amount of storage that you need to protect each month, not how much data you store in the cloud, meaning you can keep your backups for longer without increased costs. There are also no charges to upload or download your information, at any time.
  • Your data stays in Australia – Your data is kept safe, using the state of the art Equinix Data Centre Sydney Campus –
  • Flexible – You can upload whatever types of backup files you like. The service has specific integration with the StorageCraft and Veeam backup applications.
  • Responsive support – The support we provide is in turn supported by Solarwinds, a global leader in enterprise Information Technology Management Software


RODIN Vault uses the technology from IASO, one of the leading brands in Hybrid Cloud Backup and is part of the Solarwinds family.


There are many features to love about RODIN Vault, but some of the highlights are:

Local Speed Vault – A copy of your backup goes to your local storage, or speed vault directory. This creates an exceptionally fast local restore while also giving you peace of mind with your backups stored in the cloud should they ever be needed.

Bare Metal Recovery – Automate, simplify and reduce the recovery time needed for physical Windows systems. Create bootable USB recovery media to bring you back to alternate hardware. OS and application installation are not required. Alternatively you can virtualize your physical system in a recovery scenario!

Backup Accelerator – Speed up backups containing large files, applications and databases by automatically tracking changes to those files in between backup jobs, keeping backup windows short, and improving backup performance. RODIN Vault identifies any changes to a file and only backs up added or altered blocks that were not part of previous file backups. Conserve bandwidth and save space by preventing double storage of data.

Cross-platform Compatibility – RODIN Vault seamlessly integrates with Windows®, Linux® and OS X® platforms, as well as Microsoft® Exchange, Hyper-V®, SharePoint®, SQL Server®, MySQL®, Oracle® and VMware®.

Archiving – RODIN Vault gives you 12 months retention on your backups by default, but should you need to keep data for longer to meet compliance standards, archiving can be set up to keep your data forever. Need an end of financial year backup stored forever? No problem.

Bandwidth Throttling – Restrict bandwidth use during business hours so users are not impacted by backup or restore operations.

Full System Protection – Recover an entire image with a local copy of data or restore directly from the cloud with automatically backed up OS boot up environment, system state, applications, and data.

Exchange Restore – Restore Exchange environments at a granular file or full database level.

Virtual Disaster Recovery – Physical or virtual servers can be restored to a virtual machine. VMware, Hyper-V, Azure, and Amazon virtual machines are supported.

Standby Image – Have a system that is so critical you cannot handle any recovery time? RODIN Vault supports standby images ready to be used in the event of a disaster. Keep a bootable image of your server ready at a moments notice, with the destination being a local DR server or cloud target, such as Azure, AWS, etc.


RODIN Vault has outstanding security.


27001 Certified – The highest standard in data management.

End-to-end Encryption – All backups are encrypted on the production machine, then transferred over secure connections to the cloud. Data is only decrypted during a recovery at the business’s site.

Advanced Encryption Standards (AES) – All data encrypted with AES 128 or 256-bit encryption in motion and at rest.


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