Process improvement

In many businesses there are inefficient processes being performed simply because “it has always been done that way”. In almost every case there is room for improvement, and we have found that significant business benefits can flow from a simple review of the key processes that are in use. 

We see process improvement as distinct, and complementary, to a review of software application alignment, and in most cases we would recommend that both be undertaken at the same time. 

The types of recommendations that can follow from an assessment of your business processes include

  • Automation of repetitive processes using new or existing applications. 
  • Customisation of your systems and applications to better meet your business needs. 
  • Elimination of double-entry of information wherever possible.
  • Elimination of paper based forms and manual handling of printed output wherever possible. 
  • Training of staff in the efficient use of technology.

The simple aim of improving your business processes is to make your business more efficient, and in many cases the efficiencies gained will allow you to reduce your costs or take on additional work. 

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