Cloud readiness

Any decision involving the deployment of cloud services must begin with an understanding of the business and it’s current systems and needs. Customers have different needs, and while some may already be well placed to make effective use of cloud services others require advice and assistance to ensure that the deployment of cloud services provides the expected benefits.

Understanding your business operations and needs, and what will best suit you, is key to a successful cloud implementation.

We offer the service of conducting a cloud readiness assessment to assist you to plan changes to your systems effectively. 

The assessment includes a comprehensive review of your existing systems and processes including

  • Your applications and processes and how you utilise them.
  • Your storage systems and content and how you need to access your information.
  • Your computing facilities and where processing dependencies exist.
  • The security policies and controls in place and how they apply to your structure.

At the conclusion of the assessment we present you with a report detailing our methodology, findings and conclusions. 

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