Application alignment

Many businesses have used the same “line of business” software for many years and are reluctant to consider alternatives because of the huge amount of effort they believe will be required to change.

In some cases those concerns are completely valid, and it’s hard to justify the effort when the alternatives are not dramatically better. But perhaps a better option is available right under your nose?

We offer our customers the service of reviewing their underlying needs, and then the software applications they use and the alternatives available, so confirm if a change of application can be justified, or if they can make better use of the software already in place. 

 Some examples of ways in which you can make better use of software applications include

  • Be flexible – look at the way the software workflow was designed and consider if your own processes are aligned the same way. In many cases a small change to your operations can make the overall process more efficient. 
  • Consider automation – almost any software application can be automated, allowing repetitive sequences of tasks or commands to be performed quickly at the click of a button. A small investment in automation could eliminate hours per week of repetitive work.
  • Customise – most software applications include options and controls to tailor their operation to your needs, but many also include interfaces that allow you to have additional features or functions developed just for you. A modest investment could make a huge difference to your daily operations. 
  • Training – perhaps the easiest and most effective way to make better use of your software is to make sure your team is properly trained in the best way to use it. Software developers know that most users of their software barely scratch the surface of what it can do, and tailored training can reveal significant improvements in how you use the software you already own.

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